T & C
1. *General Overview:*
– “Surprise Giftz” operates as an f-commerce gift shop providing a platform for purchasing and sending surprise gifts.

2. *User Agreement:*
– By using the “Surprise Giftz” platform, users agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.

3. *Product Information:*
– “Surprise Giftz” ensures accurate product descriptions, but variations may occur.
– Images are for representation; actual products may differ slightly.

4. *Ordering and Payments:*
– No advance payment required for website order.
– We send product Cash on delivery and home delivery .

5. *Shipping and Delivery:*
– Delivery times may vary for the sake of the cureer service agency; “Surprise Giftz” is not liable for delays.
– Users are responsible for providing accurate shipping information.

6. *Cancellations and Refunds:*
– Cancellation requests must be made within a specified timeframe.
– Refunds are processed based on “Surprise Giftz” refund policy.

7. *Quality Assurance:*
– “Surprise Giftz” strives for quality, but variations may occur.
– Defective products can be returned within a specified timeframe.

8. *Privacy Policy:*
– User data is treated with confidentiality as outlined in the Privacy Policy.

9. *Modification of Terms:*
– “Surprise Giftz” reserves the right to modify terms; users will be notified of changes.

By using “Surprise Giftz,” users acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.